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Donate Your Old Bike

Ready to upgrade from your existing bike to a new Kayman Bikes™ for a more powerful Electronic Bicycle?

Old Bike

Wow! $200 discount for donating any old bike?

We are currently offering a promotional discount for costumers who donate their old bike to any charity organization that accepts bicycles.

Originally, this was going to be a "trade-in special" and there was an idea to help low income or underprivileged people in need of a bike to ride, and this has since evolved into a promotion to reward those involved in charity donation.

Why are we offering this?

Kayman Bikes™ is thrilled to be apart of the biycle community and has met others in the industry who wish to work together for the sake of the environment, consumers, and community.

We are actively involved in various activities in volunteering, bike safety education, new and old bike donations, and engaging in discussion of bicycle law reforms that will help riders and those looking to start riding. We have products that allow people to go to go green in their commute to work in the morning (without sweating to much), thanks to pedal assist and we build our products responsibly by following green manufacturing policies that pass or exceed both European and North American standards.

Donating a bike is a great way of helping out your local community and promoting sustainability. By helping people take charge of their life by giving them ability to make themselves mobile, we help improve the quality of life, particularly for youth riders.

How to receive the discount?

Submit proof of donation and receive a discount of $200.00 off your purchase of a new bike from our website.

The donated bicycle does not need to be an E-Bike (but must be in working condition) and you might even be eligible for tax benefits for your donation (Check with the organization you choose), in addition to the discount that we are offering. Plus, it feels great to help someone else in need. The best part is how great it will feel to ride your brand new Kayman Bikes™ purchased for $200 less than the MSRP.

Please note that the organization you donate to must be a registered non-profit in order to take advantage of this offer.